2014 Shanghai Automotive and Die Casting Exhibition

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2014 Shanghai automotive casting exhibition and the second precision die casting exhibition was held by Shanghai International Automotive City, National Auto & auto parts Export Base (Shanghai) and China Die Casting Web, it will be ceremoniously open in Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center on 6-8th, November. This exhibition was undertook handling by Jia Xin Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., officially opened on 6th November at nine thirty in the morning, and concluded successfully on 8th November at two o’clock in the afternoon..

Many leaders attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the exhibition, such as Shanghai International Automobile City, SAIC, Nantong Hongtu, Buller (China), Guangdong Hongtu, Nantong Hongtai, Julang Kailong, Shanghai Kelaisile, Nantong Bei Xin Cheng, Chongqing Boao, China Die Casting Web etc. it marks 2014 Shanghai automotive casting exhibition and the second precision die casting exhibition officially began!

The organizer director Shan Chunrong from Shanghai International Automobile City Group Limited company, the CEO Zhou Shaojie from China die casting web welcomed guests for this exhibition, director Xu Bing from SAIC Motor passenger vehicle company made a speech for this exhibition, and expressed the earnest hope and congratulations for this exhibition.

In addition to the organizer of China Die Casting Web ,other media such as Hc360,com, SMM, My Youse Web, China Die Casting Mould Web also participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition has gathered nearly 100 exhibitors including Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Fujian, Tianjin, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other well-known enterprises. Buller (China), Julang Kailong, Beijing Walker, Nantong Hongtu, Shandong Yinguang, Shanghai magnesium magnesium, Shanghai YaDelin, Yite Pei Lei si, Shanxi Zhongde aluminium, Jia Rui group, Shanghai Dragon Airlines, Chongqing Sheng mei magnesium industry etc. gathered in the exhibition, carried the most advanced products, communicated the new concept of technology in the industry, exchanged and fused by the platform, it became the most professional exhibition.  The exhibition has a significantly business value, and received widespread praise by participants.

Secondly, this exhibition focused on precision casting, with many professional buyers, including automotive, power tools, medical, hardware and other fields, involved materials including aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die-casting. Some professional buyers brought more orders and opportunity for the exhibition, such as Magna, Chrysler, SAIC, HaiLida Auto, Shanghai Bai Ke Cui, DeEnKe Motor, Shanghai NaEn. The same period purchasing meeting be composed by these professional buyers bloom a shine on the exhibition.

In addition, various events at the same time also scramble for the eyeball in the exhibition, add radiance and beauty each other, which makes the exposition site more lively and extraordinary. On 5th November, the seventh China Die Casting Entrepreneurs Summit Forum debut as exhibition activities, every boss meet here of die casting enterprise, talked about the trends and prospects of the industry; the 6th die casting big lecture , the high quality casting competition followed coming , professional speakers and review teams gathered in the exhibition, they brought  the audio-visual feast of die casting industry  and more precision more high level casting products  for exhibitors and spectators; the 7th Die Casting Purchasing Conference promote this exhibition to a climax and formed a peak of cooperative transaction. The Purchasing Conference adopted a reverse closed form, make each participating enterprises can enjoy the more professional procurement services.

This exhibition had the unique resources and large information by the platform of China Die Casting web. The crowd surging in the exhibition scene, the atmosphere was very warm.

The general manager Zhao of Beijing Walker Applied Technology Co., Ltd. said that they gained a lot in this exhibition, not only associated with more customers and friends, also had a more intuitive understanding for the latest information and dynamic of die casting market, Shanghai have very large geographical advantage, we can accumulate experience with the geographical advantage, I believe the future exhibition will be more and more prosperous!

President Wang of Shanghai Well Known Electromechanical Equipment co., Ltd. evaluated this exhibition is quite successful, provided an effective platform for exhibitors and spectators, more effectively enhance the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, and had a high professional. The exhibition had great attraction, a lot of die casting industry well-known enterprises have gathered here.

President Sun of Ningbo Jiye Automobile Mould Co. Ltd., said this show is a good cooperation and exchange platform, at the same time, Through this form of exposition, the enterprises know more new technology in the same industry, also to learn where is the market vacancies, where is the rise space ourselves, thus fixed a position for themselves and customers more accurately.

The manager Sun of Ji'nan Badi Refractories Co., evaluated the exhibition is so good. “We can see a lot more precision castings. We understand the die casting market already more and more refined, have a better position for our products. After know the market demand, it bring a good indication for enterprise future development.”

The purchaser Zhu from Jiangsu ZhongPai lighting praised this exhibition is very intuitive and effective. It made the procurement of enterprises understanding to the currently on the market for equipment and sophisticated technology intuitively, also it is very useful for the supply and demand of communication. In addition, the exhibition time is also very good, at the end of year, each enterprise will have a new planning, this benefit to enterprises to make a new year's purchasing plan.

With the automobile castings account is increasing in casting industry, more and more casting enterprises will aim at auto parts production and processing, although there are some die casting exhibition each year in domestic,, but also the lack of professional automotive castings exhibition in the strict, so we need to hold such this exhibition urgently in the industry .In this background, with the help of the marketing strategy of winning points, the first time to seize the quasi consumer groups. At the forefront of the development of leading the industry, the establishment of marketing channel , seeking the best development of enterprises has become very important. At this time, the network took over the responsibility of the die casting, heavy attack, the first Shanghai automotive castings exhibition and the first precision die casting exhibition was held last year, this year held second sessions. This annual professional die casting exhibition, more enterprises bloom their shine by this platform . To talk a topic of auto parts , construct casting future, to gain win-win business opportunities

2014 Shanghai Automotive Castings Exhibition and the Second Precision Die Casting Exhibition has a great success. the exhibitors and visitors communicated warmly, convey confidence of industry sustainable development to the global die casting , show a vitality to the world adie casting industry in three days exhibition period.

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