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Metalurgia’s success anticipates contract renewals

Exhibition brings together 23,000 visitors from 19 countries and 14 Brazilian states, especially professionals from the foundry and automotive segments.


Metalurgia 2010, held September 14-17, in Expoville’s two pavilions, in Joinville/SC, bringing together 450 exhibitors, has already reserved almost all areas again for 2012, due to requests for reservation/renovation of existing spaces for exhibitors, including requests for expansion of areas, and new exhibitors interested in participating. To accommodate this demand, Messe Brasil, organizer of the event, is now evaluating an alternative space to accommodate a possible expansion of the event. "The two pavilions have already been 100% occupied and to ensure this growth, we must expand our physical infrastructure through temporary or permanent alternatives," comments Richard Spirandelli, marketing manager of Messe Brasil.


The fair received 23,000 visitors, 15% above 2008’s numbers, coming from 19 countries and 14 Brazilian states with the largest representation coming from the foundry and automotive segments, as well as engineering, electronics, electro-electronics, appliances, services, among others. The largest percentage of visitors, 39%, are decision makers of organizations, 18% from the research area and 12% from planning. The main areas of interest for visitors are raw materials, machinery, equipment, supplies, castings, environment, modeling, tooling and projects.


The organizers’ forecast is that the business generated during the fair and in the following six months will exceed R$ 450 million, due to the contacts and negotiations started at the event. Several exhibitors have already announced the renewal of contracts for 2012, satisfied with the success of this edition.


Exhibitors’ perception

Euroair specialized in solutions for the environment has already renewed its contract for Metalurgia 2012, maintaining its continuous presence. "The fair in Joinville always brings excellent results for the company, even better than similar exhibitions in São Paulo. The location is strategic and attracts visitors from throughout the South, Southeast and other regions and countries, "says Remo Camarotto, director of Euroair. The company announced the closure of two projects during Metalurgia, totaling R$ 5 million. According to the executive Euroair’s products have an increasing acceptance in all regions of the country, in addition to the company serving the markets of Argentina and Chile, and providing materials for a partner company in Italy. Camarotto praises the organization and visual beauty of the event. "It’s like a European fair," he reinforces.


Votorantim Metais is another company that already visualizes a new space in Metalurgia 2012. This year it participated with the launch of the Zamak manual, fulfilling the lack of technical information of this product in the market. "The fair is strategic by virtue of the industrial hub of the region that enables opportunities in zinc (present at the fair) and aluminum," states Nataly Yuko Yoshino, zinc marketing of Votorantim Metais.


Tupy once again took the opportunity of its presence in Metalurgia to get closer to the visitors of end products such as automobiles, trucks, tractors and other machinery, for which the company supplies components, especially engine blocks and heads. To accommodate all vehicles and even a power generator, the company occupied the largest area among all exhibitors, about 400 m2. The vehicle that actually called the most attention in Tupy’s stand, attracting a crowd of onlookers, was a Toyota Camry, from the NASCAR, brought from the United States especially for the exhibition. Although it didn’t leave the booth, the Camry made a lot of noise and was the object of admiration for speed lovers. The engine of this vehicle, developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), is mounted on a block made by Tupy in vermicular cast iron. The car bears the signature of driver Brian Vickers, from the Red Bull Team, who disputes the main category of NASCAR, the Sprint Cup. One of Tupy’s main goals, to sponsor and be present in Metalurgia, is to show its own community its current position as one of the largest foundries in the world. "We want Joinville to be proud of what it has, such as the state-of-the-art technology to compete as equals in the international arena," states Luis Carlos Guedes, vice president of operations and engineering from Tupy.


Vick took to Metalurgia a technological innovation for casting, a device that allows for recycling and almost 100% reuse of foundry sand. The main differential is the operation on the surface, which contributes to the concept of sustainability. The other models available in the market need a hole underneath the equipment to work, which increases the risk of environmental contamination. "This is the best fair in quality of visitors and with the contacts we’ve made, we have already guaranteed our sales through the first half of 2011", celebrates Edson Vick, CEO of Vick.


Grupo Voges, one of the largest foundries in Brazil, debuted well their participation in Metalurgia and is considering expanding its participation in the next edition. "Our presence is strategic in this region that 'breathes' foundry, where we made good contacts," highlights Roberto Viero, CEO of Fundição Voges. The company is building a new plant that expands production capacity by 80% with start-up scheduled for 2012.


The Trade Association of the Metallurgical, Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic Equipment Industries of São Leopoldo – Sindimetal brought to the fair 12 member companies, providing opportunities for the presence of small and medium enterprises. "The region is strategic to our associates and made it possible to make good contacts and business opportunities," said Paulo Ziegler, executive secretary of industrial development for Sindimetal.


Key figures

450 exhibitors in 283 booths - up 12% over 2008

20,000 m² - 15% higher than 2008

23,000 visitors - 15% higher than 2008

39% decision makers, 18% from the research area and 12% from planning


Estimates for business - R$ 450 million in up to six months post-fair


Visiting countries

Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, U.S., France, Great Britain/Ireland, India, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand and Venezuela.


Visiting states

Amazonas, Bahia, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Paraíba, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina e São Paulo.

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