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Aluminum Association announces newest member company

The Aluminum Association announced its newest company member of ARZYZ.

ARZYZ is a proud Mexican Company which started operations in 1980. ARZYZ manufactures and trades non ferrous metals having the technology for thermo transportation of molten aluminum, assuring with its truck fleet and research and development center, the best service and quality.

ARZYZ’s products include granulated, cone, sows, ingot, T-Bar, billet and wire rod.

ARZYZ will be represented by its chairman & CEO Mr Mario Sergio Ramírez Zablah, executive VP Mr Julio Cesar González Ramírez and Irineo Arriaga García and sales manager Mr Laura Isela Flores Gutiérrez.

Mr Steve Larkin president of AA said that "Every member brings fresh ideas and a unique prospective about our industry which helps us to move forward with our sustainability message. We look forward to working with ARZYZ to promote aluminum as the most sustainable and recyclable automotive, packaging and construction material in today’s market.”

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