Asian Mettalurgy

Steel & Metal Expo - Virtual Exhibition - 13 to 18 Dec 2021

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Dear Industry Colleagues,

The world economy has suffered a lot in the year 2020 due to the global pandemic of covid-19. The metallurgical industry is no exception. Though the metal production went down in first few months, it increased rapidly afterwards and manifested almost a V shaped recovery for the steel & metals industry. Further, in spite of many negatives the pandemic has undoubtedly taught us to use digital medium more effectively. With the social media tools, the reach of digital products such as magazines, conferences, exhibitions is far more than the conventional mediums. This medium is actually helping the companies to promote and sell their products internationally, forge relationships with the organizations operating in other parts of the world and become a truly global enterprise.

The 10th edition of Asian Metallurgy show will be held during 13-18 Dec 2021 on digital platform. The exhibition Steel & Metal Expo will showcase latest technologies, equipments and products from Asian ferrous and non-ferrous sectors while the visitors will be from all over the globe. It is a unique interactive digital exhibition offering near real experience. You may visit the website for complete details of the show.

Who should exhibit and why?
The companies associated with the metallurgical sector such as technology & equipment suppliers, raw material suppliers, instrumentation companies, consulting companies, semi finished and finished metal producers and processors, trade bodies associated with this sector should consider exhibiting in this mega show.

The exhibitors should expect to meet their prospective customers, suppliers, other stakeholders and promote their products, services and brand beyond their existing sphere. This is the place where they would initiate and make new relationships, get new associates, discover new opportunities.

Exhibiting Companies
Technology Cos., Equipment Suppliers, Automation & IT companies, Raw Material Suppliers, Research Organisations, Consulting Companies, Mineral Processing Equipment Cos.

Facilities to the Exhibitor
Exhibitors List, Corporate Video Display in the Booth, Product Brochure / Catalogue Upload, WhatsApp Chat Box, Website Link, Reach Social Media Pages of Exhibitors, Corporate Presentation, Sliders / Banners on page, Photos / Videos.

​​​​​​​You may visit the website for complete details of the show