ASK Chemicals stages environmentally-friendly solutions at Metal + Metallurgy China

Metal + Metallurgy China, the largest exhibition for the foundry and metallurgical industry in Asia, opened its doors to visitors from May 26-28. ASK Chemicals was present to showcase its environmental-friendly solutions.

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Environmental-friendly and Sustainable Solutions

Environmental protection is a major concern for the foundry industry. At Metal + Metallurgy China, ASK Chemicals showcased how it puts sustainability into practice. "This year, we are focusing on environmental-friendly solutions," says Mr. Virak Chhuor, the General Manager of ASK Chemicals China, “It is one of the biggest challenges of the global foundry industry to reduce the impacts of emissions on the environment and employees.” ASK Chemicals offers innovative products and provides the industry with sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions.

ASK Chemicals presents a wide variety of environmental-friendly products and solutions at the show, including INOTEC and XPURIS exhaust air purification technology. INOTEC, the patented inorganic binder system developed by ASK Chemicals, is completely emission-free. XPURIS is a new process technology for purification of exhaust emissions.

A Bright Future Together with the Foundry Industry

According to Mr. Virak Chhuor, “Globally speaking, ASK Chemicals is recognized as the expert and innovator in the foundry industry. We want to grow in Asia Pacific with an elaborated strategic plan to improve our foot print in the region, especially in China.” ASK Chemicals expresses its commitment to long-term investments and continuous innovation in China. In the future, the company plans to bring more new technologies as well as outstanding services to the Chinese foundry market.



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