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ASK Chemicals stages its latest solutions at IFEX 2013

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High-quality products, excellent service and profound casting competence.

At next year’s IFEX from January 27 to 29, ASK Chemicals India will present itself with profound casting competence and the latest product developments for the Indian foundry industry.

Visitors can expect a competent team of foundry experts and a presentation of innovative foundry consumables for all stages of foundry processes. Resins, feeders, water and alcohol-based coatings as well as ceramic filters will be the highlights of ASK Chemicals’ display at this year's IFEX.

Highlights at IFEX 2013

Particular emphasis is given to the presentation of new cold box binder systems for aluminium castings.

The ISOCURE™ high-efficiency cold box binder for aluminium castings offers a range of important benefits to foundries:

The lower viscosity of the resin guarantees better sand flowability. High strength and a fast curing speed resulting in lower binder levels and lower costs per ton of sand are further benefits of ASK Chemicals’ ISOCURE™ system. Furthermore, it is the advanced technology for longer bench life of the mixed sand and provides very good moisture and humidity resistance. Finally, ISOCURE™ offers good sand removal properties and facilitates a good shakeout.

Coatings from ASK Chemicals are the most effective barrier between sand and metal. At IFEX 2013, the visitor will learn more about ASK Chemicals alcohol and water-based coating technology. Both technologies have proven their benefits in practice already at many foundries around the world. They allow castings with cleaner surface, significantly reduce fettling efforts and thus increase productivity and efficiency of foundries.

Another highlight at ASK Chemicals’ booth will be its highly-efficient mini-risers, riser sleeves and tubes. Highly exothermic EXACTCAST™ mini-risers are recommended for both grey iron and ductile iron castings. They provide a very small contact area which allows feeding of complex casting geometries. Further advantages of ASK Chemicals’ EXACTCAST™ mini-riser technology are low fettling and shot-blasting costs. Through pressure release during solidification, better dimensional accuracy of the castings and prevention of core penetration due to solidification pressure can be obtained. Last but not least, ASK Chemicals is providing its mini-risers free of mineral fibres for higher safety and health protection at foundries. EXACTCAST™ mini-risers are available as cold box or inorganic formulations, the latter being emission-free risers.

Genuine added value for the Indian foundry market

ASK Chemicals’ employees are known for their thorough knowledge of the foundry industry and technical casting know-how. Thanks to that know-how, customers of ASK Chemicals can be confident that the company’s experts are able to develop tailored and optimal solutions at all times. Dr. Jochen Landes, CEO ASK Chemicals India says, “ASK Chemicals stands for faster response times and profound foundry competence. Together with our first-class products, this makes us the supplier of choice who truly offers its customers added value.”