CQMS Razer opens Maryborough doors to say thank you

CQMS Razer has welcomed families, customers and the local business community to celebrate its 40th anniversary with an open day at their foundry facilities in Maryborough, Queensland. CQMS Razer was established in 1979 in Mackay and began foundry operations in Maryborough in 2003.

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For 40 years, CQMS Razer has delivered world-class engineering, manufacturing, and digital solutions to the mining industry. In that time, CQMS Razer has grown to more than 270 staff across 7 global locations working with the best mining operations across the world.

The CQMS Razer Maryborough Foundry has played an important part in the company’s growth and in Fraser Coast region. It continues to safely deliver a range of products and services, including large cast ferrous steel solutions, heavy fabrication, and repair work servicing government, manufacturing, mining, sugar, and power generation industries.

John Barbagallo, CQMS Razer CEO, said the Maryborough Foundry open day was an opportunity to say thank-you to their clients, the Fraser Coast business community, local Government, staff, and their families for their ongoing support.

“CQMS Razer has been part of the Central Queensland community for more than 40 years and plays an important role in the Maryborough foundry’s rich 150-year history,” said Mr. Barbagallo. “Our Maryborough Foundry continues to be a centre of manufacturing excellence with more than 255 dragline buckets produced here and over 300 cast lips over its lifetime, the majority to repeat customers across Australia and the Americas. We’re now working on new products including our RE1522 cast lip, a design created in response to customer calls for high-quality cast lip solutions across smaller 100t-140t class machines but with the same trusted service and support that our Maryborough team has always provided.” 

Earlier this year, the Maryborough Foundry hosted a delegation from the Australian Foundry Institute and its members, a proud opportunity to showcase the skills of staff, the work of the foundry, and discuss safety, sales, and manufacturing trends across Australia.

During September, CQMS Razer continued its commitment to local community initiatives with support and funding for Maryborough State High School teams to compete in the 2019 Fraser Coast Technology Challenge, a fantastic event combining teamwork, innovation, STEM and community spirit.

CQMS Razer Maryborough continues to expand its training, apprenticeships, and job opportunities offering career paths for locals and attracting new families to the Fraser Coast region.

“CQMS Razer is proud to be a major regional employer, supporter of local businesses and a driver for regional industry excellence across the Fraser Coast and Central Queensland,” said Mr. Barbagallo. “At the heart of what we do is our people and its their commitment and professionalism that make the difference in our business. We remain committed to providing a zero-harm work environment and ensuring all staff, contractors, visitors, and clients return safely home to their families at the end of each day. We’re delighted to be able to share our 40th anniversary milestone with our customers, suppliers, and our incredible staff, and we look forward to together, growing regional industry and innovation into the future.”


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