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DISA TOPS – boosting foundry performance through customized optimization and service support

Increasing globalization and competition in the foundry industry means that every penny counts. Even small performance enhancements as a result of application optimization and training can add up to significant bottom line gains. In addition an effective management of plant and equipment as well as stocks of spares can result in considerable savings. DISA TOPS is a customized Service, Support and Maintenance programme that helps foundries achieve these benefits on their own terms.

Back in 2004 DISA managers realized that the company had a wealth of information that could help its customers achieve critical competitive edge. In addition to the accumulated experience and expertise of DISA engineers and technicians over the years, this information included details of every piece of plant and equipment sold to each of hundreds of foundries all over the world.

Services, spares, technology and training

“The importance of this information for our customers was that we could help them optimize their service and maintenance processes as well as spare parts management and training by offering DISA TOPS agreements that addressed their specific needs,” says Mr Søren Jegsen, Vice President, Global Services Moulding.

Optimizing castings quality

One of the first foundries to join the DISA TOPS programme was Jøtul in Norway, a world-leading manufacturer of cast iron stoves, hearths and fireplaces with sales in 34 countries.

“There were three things at the top of our wish list,” says Jostein Lunde, Production Manager at Jøtul. “The first was our continuous quest to improve castings quality. We export all over the world to highly discerning markets and our products are different from those of many other foundries in that people enjoy looking at them every day in their own homes. DISA application engineers are currently working closely with us to exploit the full castings quality potential of our new DISA 270-A moulding machine.

Spare parts planning helps boost uptime

Jøtul’s next objective was to optimize their spare parts inventory by making sure they always had the necessary spares in stock without tying up too much capital. 

“The DISA audit of our plant and equipment together with our own production information and schedules enabled us to draw up a plan that would ensure the availability of critical spare parts at any time,” Jostein Lunde relates. “We wanted original DISA spares so that we would be sure of a perfect fit without time-consuming machining while the moulding line was at a halt. And should we suddenly find ourselves needing a part that we do not have in stock, DISA is ready to ship at short notice.”

Training makes the difference

The third goal was to make sure that operators were always fully up-to-speed on the foundry’s DISA equipment. “This, together with the application support was the main reason why we decided to opt for DISA TOPS Gold,” Jostein Lunde continues. 

DISA TOPS Gold includes a five-day training course, a three-day application evaluation, four two-day visits a year by a DISA expert and the guarantee of a visit by a DISA expert within a maximum of 48 hours if we experience a critical problem.

Hire your own DISA specialist

Alexandria Automotive Castings in Egypt decided to join the DISA TOPS programme in 2005 as part of their bid to boost efficiency in the foundry. The foundry decided to opt for an extended DISA TOPS agreement involving the on-site assignment of a DISA technician to the foundry for a period of up to two years.

“This meant that we had a DISA expert on site and could use his in-depth knowledge and experience to tune our own moulding line to perfection,” says Ralf Stog, Managing Director of Alexandria Automotive Casting. “In our case, hands-on training of maintenance staff as well as scheduled maintenance planning and an optimized spare parts inventory were the most important aspects of achieving the uptime increase we were looking for. We are pleased to say that our general equipment efficiency has increased by more than 20% due to the DISA TOPS programme.”

Individualization is a key factor

Ralf Stog goes on to emphasize why the individual customization aspect of the DISA TOPS programme is so important. “DISA TOPS helped us to maximize our uptime precisely because our programme is customized to our specific needs and based on all of the relevant DISA machinery and equipment involved in our production from the incoming raw materials to the final product ready for dispatch to our customers,” he explains.

Translating knowledge into skills

“I think that DISA TOPS is an excellent value proposition for a foundry looking for a medium- to long-term supplier commitment based on the foundry’s own individual maintenance and skill levels. DISA technicians not only possess unique knowledge of foundry applications, they are also able to pass on their knowledge, translating it into new insights and skills within our own workforces,” Ralf Stog concludes.

For more information about the DISA TOPS service and maintenance programme, please contact DISA Global Services Moulding, phone +45 44 50 50 50 or visit Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen Fensterwww.disagroup.com.


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