Elkem at ANKIROS 2012

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11th International Iron-Steel & Foundry Technology,

Machinery and Products Trade Fair

From 13th until 16th of September, the 11th Ankiros will take place. We welcome you and look forward to meet you during Ankiros 2012.

We will promote our Lamet® nodulariser. This is the trade name for Elkem’s range of lanthanum containing nodularisers, which are 50% Si based ferroalloys with defined levels of Mg, La, Ca and Al. Produced to tightly controlled, narrow specifications, to give more consistent recovery of the active elements than other available materials. This means that the addition rate of Lamet® nodulariser can be minimized whilst still ensuring a good, well treated iron.

Moreover, we will present you our full range of products, top quality nodularisers and inoculants which we produce on three continents to provide local, rapid and effective solutions for your metal treatment requirements. Flexibility in production and the ability to adapt to our customers needs means that Elkem can manufacture what is best suited to your casting conditions.

We look forward to meeting you at stand in Hall 2, Stand B110!

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<link http: global foundry products-markets brochures lamet-nodulariser-ladle-grades-english.pdf _blank external-link-new-window>Lamet® nodulariser Ladle grades

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