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European metalworkers in ArcelorMittal mobilize on December 7

On 7 December, workers will be taking part in strikes and stoppages, demonstrations and assemblies at all ArcelorMittal locations throughout Europe. They will be protesting against the company's current strategy and in favor of alternative solutions that provide guarantees for the future development of the company and jobs.

Behind the action stand the 28 European metalworkers' unions with members in ArcelorMittal, assembled in the European Metalworkers' Federation. They criticize ArcelorMittal for maintaining a policy to maximize short term profit and for 30,000 job cuts since 2006, lack of strategic investment and low R&D, poorly planned redundancies and unilateral decision-making.

Instead, they call for innovation and R&D, a policy to develop competence and human capital, consultations with the unions and using slack production periods to invest in training for employees and modernization.

The European trade unions promise to use all their power to ensure that steel remains at the core of an integrated and independent European industrial policy, including state intervention in the governance of the steel industry.

Sourced from imfmetal.org

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