Finite Solutions at CastExpo 2013

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SOLIDCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast, from Finite Solutions Inc, comprise the world's most popular casting simulation software suite, in use in over 700 companies and schools worldwide. Built-in gating and riser design functions allow you to use simulation results on an unrigged part to design an effective rigging system for sand, investment and permanent mold castings.

FSI will be demonstrating this amazing software at the AFS CastExpo, on April 6-9, 2013. They will be exhibiting in Booth 1651. Attendees will get a chance to see the software in actual runs, including model building, fluid flow analysis, solidification simulation and results plotting/animation. Examples of new advances in system graphics and process optimization will also be displayed.

In addition to the exhibit booth, Dave Schmidt, FSI Vice President, will be presenting the paper, "Computer Design of Feeding Systems for Iron Castings Or, How to Avoid Years of Problems with 20 Minutes of Analysis", at the 8:30am Engineering Technical Session on Sunday, April 7th.