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Foseco launches improved range of STELEX PrO filters for steel and heavy iron castings


STELEX PrO carbon bonded ceramic foam filters
STELEX PrO carbon bonded ceramic foam filters

Foseco's STELEX PrO range of carbon bonded ceramic filters now incorporates a new, unique and innovative ProBond carbon bonding technology that improves the overall performance of the filter.  This technology has been developed after an extensive program of research and customer evaluations and offers the following improvements:

  1. Improved filter strength - improved flexural strength at room temperature and in application with molten steel or iron.
  2. Reduced filter friability.
  3. Improved filter structure providing optimised metal flow properties.

ProBond is the latest enhancement of the STELEX PrO carbon bonded filter technology.  The carbon bonding mechanism is patented worldwide in over 35 countries and is the proprietary intellectual property of Foseco.  ProBond further enhances the many benefits of filtering castings with STELEX PrO filters, including:

  • Ease and consistency of liquid metal priming
  • Efficient inclusion removal
  • Flow modification and turbulence reduction
  • Reduced casting scrap and rework
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