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GER - New Development in the Field of 3 MW Windtechnology

W2E has launched the development of a new technology for wind energy turbines of the 3 MW class. Special characteristic of this new wind turbine technology is the very compact drive train used in close cooperation with Winergy, the global market leader for wind gearboxes.

Winergy developed the HybridDrive system which is directly linking a two-speed planetary gear and a permanent-magnet driven synchronous generator running at intermediate speed; the system also comprises a fully-rated converter.

In combination with LARUS Compact®, W2E's patented and well-proven drive train concept, the result is a light-weight system that is easy on the gearbox, very compact and can be extended to 3.3 MW as an option.

The system complies with all internationally known grid connection regulations. In case of defects in the grid, operation is excellent and easy on the load.

The wind turbine operated with a rotor diameter of 120 m is designed for wind class IEC 2a, thus occupying a leading position among global competitors. The unit is offered for tubular and lattice towers with a nacelle height of up to 140 m.

The development is supported by the Chair for Technical Mechanics/Dynamics, University of Rostock, and the entire project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety - based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.

Source: Pressebox.de

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