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GIFA 2011: The Latest from Regloplas at a Glance.

Thanks to intense, on-site collaboration with clients, Regloplas is constantly developing new units precisely tailored to its customers’ needs. The renowned producer of temperature control units will be presenting its latest products to the public at GIFA in Düsseldorf. Even the most demanding customers will find the outstanding price/ performance ratio and minimal energy consumption of the Regloplas product line compelling.

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RT100 - The Innovative Control System for Temperature Control Units

Regoplas TR100

The RT100 control system for temperature control units is a completely new design. It's equipped with a user-friendly 3.5" TFT colour display, well-designed screen layout, and large, configurable displays. The user interface is also equipped with an integrated dial and pushbutton for simple, intuitive navigation.

The RT100 is currently available for the S and M-lines; its application will be extended to include all other Regloplas temperature control units incrementally.

Unique advantages:

  • Precise temperature measurement and exact control of outlet, consumer, and inlet temperatures
  • Wide range of standard functions
  • Integrated contactless flow-rate measurement (optional)
  • Integrated USB interface for software updates and configuration
  • Open, flexible interface design
  • Modular design for optimal customisation

New Version of Mid-Range Pressurised-Water Units for Temperatures up to 180 °C.

Regloplas is continually updating the engineering behind the M-line temperature control units for temperatures up to 180 °C. The latest M-models represent the latest technology for covering the higher capacity range using water for temperatures up to 160 °C and 18 kW heating capacity. They are available in two versions: model P140M for temperatures up to 140 °C, and model P160M for temperatures up to 160 °C. All of the new M-line temperature control units are equipped with the newly designed and exceptionally user-friendly RT100 control system. The P180M pressurised-water temperature control unit for water up to 180 °C will be available soon.

Unique advantages:

  • Optimal price/performance ratio
  • Exceptionally user-friendly, market-oriented product
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Energy optimisation reduces water and power usage
  • State-of-the-art technology for pressurised-water temperature control

The 300LD Dual-Circuit High-Performance Temperature Control Unit for Use With Oil - Now With The RT 100 Control System

Regoplas 300DL

The 300LD high-performance temperature control unit (for oil up to 300 °C) is a classic. With the innovative RT100 control system, now it's even better.

The 300LD line ensures flawless temperature control of dies, casting chambers, and moulds, thanks in no small part to the RT100's computerized control system.

Unique advantages:

  • RT100 control system
  • Heating capacity up to 80 kW (2 x 40 kW)
  • Non-wearing solid-state relays (SSR)
  • Two-level monitoring for uninterrupted operation
  • Leak-free pump with magnetic coupling

P161XL: Extremely High Heating Capacity with an Extremely Low-Scaling Cooler

Regoplas P161XLThe performance characteristics of this unit are especially compelling - a maximum heating capacity of 60 kW and a pump capacity of up to 200 l/min at 8 bar. The SK patented low-scale cooling system ensures the highest cooling capacity. An innovative method of controlling pressure

in the unit guarantees constant flow and optimal heat transfer. The P161XL is in every respect a typical Regloplas product, resulting from close cooperation with clients, incorporating years of experience and exceeding the highest quality standards. Its modular design is ideally suited to today's market requirements.

Unique advantages:

  • RT100 control system
  • Heating capacity up to 60 kW
  • High pump capacity: 200 l/min; 8 bar
  • Non-wearing solid state relays (SSR)
  • Leak-free pump with magnetic coupling

The Entry-Level Temperature Control Unit that's Setting New Standards: The 300smart with Integrated RT61 Controller

The 300smart with Integrated RT61 ControllerIn recent years, Regloplas launched the first entry-level temperature control units - the 90smart, 150smart, and P140smart - to brilliant success. Today, with more than 10,000 units sold, not only has Regloplas exceeded its own sales projections, it has solidified its position in strategically critical markets by adding a large number of new customers.

Now, Regloplas is writing a new chapter in its firm's history by presenting its new 300smart temperature control unit with integrated RT61 controller. The 300smart sets itself apart with its wide range of expanded options.

Unique advantages:

  • High heating capacity of 6 kW combined with 70 kW of cooling capacity in a compact design
  • Specially-designed, high-tech RT61 control system with adjustable upper and lower temperature limit-values and interface options
  • Non-wearing solid-state relays (standard)

Thanks to its unique price/performance ratio, this unit is an ideal alternative to conventional temperature control units for solving specific problem areas in large production facilities as well as for smaller applications.


Regloplas' Full Line of Products at a Glance:

  • Temperature control units for water up to 90 °C and oil up to 150 °C; heating capacity 6 to 140 kW
  • Pressurised-water units for temperatures up to 180 °C; high pump capacity up to 35 m3/h; heating capacity up to 140 kW
  • High-temperature units for oil up to 350 °C; heating capacity 6 to 40 kW in single and dual circuit versions
  • Mobile chillers up to 120 kW and energy-saving central cooling systems
  • Customised solutions

Regloplas will present the following selected units at GIFA:

  • New P160M with RT100
  • 300LD with RT100
  • P161XL
  • New 300smart
  • 90S

See you at  GIFA
Hall 11 Booth J49

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