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GIFA 2015 again proved to be a very busy and successful exhibition for FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd.

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FTL displayed its extensive range of no-bake equipment and were very pleased to be supported by two of its valued UK customers in the form of castings from Harrison Castings Ltd and a mould package from Granger & Worrall Ltd.  The mould package attracted attention from a continual stream of passing visitors. It was pleasing to welcome many UK existing and potential customers to the stand and obviously shows a keen upturn in the UK market.

FTL were also pleased to receive many visitors from its most successful markets in Turkey and Russia and received orders at the exhibition from both countries.

FTL are proud of their long association with the Turkish Foundry Industry through their Turkish Business Development Manager and Engineer, Burak Cagli, who represented FTL on the stand and the Turkish sector of the foundry industry.  Also their Russian Agent Rodonit, Yuri Muravyev and Phil Webb FTL's Russian Business Development Manager and Engineer.

Over the last year FTL have forged strong alliance with their Indian Agent SREE Sakthi Equipments Company and another first for FTL was an order placed at GIFA for a No Bake Mixer from a new Indian customer which they hope will be the start of a long and successful partnership.

GIFA this year has given FTL the opportunity to revisit and expand into new areas with a strong interest from South East Asian market.

FTL would like to thank all agents and visitors Worldwide for visiting their stand and look forward to the next GIFA Exhibition in 2019!