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High Efficiency With Low Dosage

VEINO ULTRA 2000 additive reduces release agent application and increases tool availability

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Hilden/Germany, 03.04.2019 – ASK Chemicals is launching a new additive at GIFA that makes it possible to reduce the application of release agents and increase tool availability through longer cleaning intervals. The new hybrid additive was developed especially for use in the Cold Box process.

The increase in material efficiency - that is the ratio of production quantity to material input - is an important factor in reducing production costs and increasing competitiveness. New product developments can contribute to increasing efficiency, that is to say achieving the same or higher performance at lower dosages, or they offer the additional benefit of saving other materials in the process or reducing their consumption.

Thanks to its special formulation, the new additive VEINO ULTRA 2000 offers an excellent release effect at a dosage of only 0.5-2%, leading to lower amounts of release agent usage and increased tool availability. Initial experience in series application shows that application of the release agent can be reduced by approx. > 25 % depending on the amount of additive and the tool design.

Moreover, the new hybrid additive combines the well-known advantages of organic and inorganic additive solutions with significantly reduced odor and emission loads: It has a very good anti-veining effect and makes it possible to replace expensive special sands partially, or completely. VEINO ULTRA 2000, similar to VEINO ULTRA 3010, the flagship additive for coating-free casting applications, can – under certain conditions - also be used for coating-free applications.

"Finally, VEINO ULTRA 2000 is particularly suitable for use in filigree geometries, as it offers very high image accuracy due to the good flowability of the core moulding material mixture," adds Ismail Yilmaz, technical product manager for additives, mentioning the advantages of the product. "When developing our products, we always make sure that we offer our customers valuable, additional benefits in order to make even more efficient casting production possible."

ASK Chemicals is presenting this and other efficiency enhancing solutions at the GIFA in Duesseldorf from June 25-29, 2019 in Hall 12, booth A22.

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