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Inductotherm Group proclaims THERMPROCESS/GIFA a success!

Inductotherm Group is pleased to report the resounding success of the 2011 Thermprocess/GIFA tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. In its most synergistic show yet, Inductotherm Group displayed a variety of advanced technologies from its major product brands around the world.

"Thermprocess/GIFA is a great venue for the Inductotherm Group because we are able to show, to numerous industries and customers at once, all that Inductotherm Group can do in thermal processing," said President and CEO of Inductotherm Group, Gary Doyon. "We were energized about this show in particular because we unveiled quite a few new technologies that we knew customers would be excited about."

Inductotherm highlighted its ARMS® Automated Robotic Melt Shop System, Double-Trunnion melting furnace, indexing Automated Pouring Demonstration with MultiPourTM technology, a 30 Ton 18MW Heavy Steel Shell Furnace, and preheating and melting technologies for the steel industry.
's VersaPower® XtremeTM Power Supply, and Inductoheat Europe's revolutionary InductoScan® IFPTM (Independent Frequency and Power) heat treatment system were also big attention getters.
Inductoheat showcased its InductoForge® modular billet heater and IROSS® FluxManager® System for OCTG Pipe ends, while Consarc had on display a 2500kg Vacuum Cap Furnace and Thermatool a precision slot quench ring and Welder with HAZControl TechnologyTM.


With the Thermprocess and GIFA fairs posting record attendance, Inductotherm Group needed every one of its 75 salespeople to handle the influx of visitors to the booth. "We had a range of visitors from all over the world, who serve all different industries, from induction melting, forging, welding and heating, to steel melting and vacuum refining," Doyon said. "Our visitors were top level personnel, new and potential customers, all of whom were interested in the new technology we were displaying."

As a multi-technology, global organization, Inductotherm Group serves the thermal processing industry by manufacturing and marketing a diverse range of products and services, some of which include Inductotherm induction  melting systems, Inductoheat and Radyne induction heating equipment, Thermatool pipe and tube welding equipment, Bricmont furnaces for steel, and Consarc vacuum melting and refining systems.

Inductotherm Group is a leading manufacturer in "Melting shop" and "Melting process". For further information and contact details click here: Inductotherm Group
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