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Modern cleaning technology for production plants, machinery, components and workpieces



Steam cleaning – quick, thorough, easy!

Dirt and waste are unavoidable wherever work is going on. During production processes, oil and other lubrication and conservation substances, as well as all types of production residue, settle on machinery and workpieces, bind dust and dirt or collect in poorly accessible areas. This doesn’t just affect the optical appearance, it can also cause faults and result in downtimes in the production process because of unplanned work interruptions.

Mechanical removal of this type of dirt is often difficult and costly, taking a lot of time and occasionally completely impossible. This is not the case with steam technology. Using steam, it is possible to reach nearly any part of a machine or workpiece, the cleaning quality is the same all over and the requirements in chemical detergents are minimal.

Ecological, flexible, effective

The mobile steam cleaning equipment from ipros removes dirt even from the most inaccessible areas without any great expenditure in time and labour. It is ready for use in no time and easy to control using the operating handle. With the electrical heating, there is no exhaust and a 24 volt control ensures danger-free operation. Electric components are not damaged by the steam, though dirt is cleaned from components which would otherwise have to be removed. The low level of water consumption without poisonous or dangerous additives contributes to reducing disposal costs considerably. The performance range of the steam cleaning machines ranges from 6 to 36 kW. They also provide a constant steam quality at temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle exit even during continuous operation.

The high temperature of the steam ensures rapid drying and availability of the complete system and workpieces. As the saturated steam is not conductive, there is no danger of a short-circuit of electrical and electronic components and the addition of passivating substances simultaneously prevents the formation of rust when cleaning.

In the event of extreme soiling, an environmentally friendly cleaning product can be added to the steam.

In comparison with other cleaning processes, the cleaning time is down by 80 % and the water requirement by up to 95 %.









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