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Two-day May 2013 celebration marks the achievement of over 5000 CMMs sold since 1973 from COORD3’s manufacturing facility in Bruzolo, Italy near Turin in the foothills of the Italian Alps.

Italian Coordinate Measuring Machine manufacturer COORD3 recently celebrated 40 years in business with a two-day program of activities for employees, customers and sales and manufacturers representatives from all over the world including; USA, Mexico, Germany, Austria, India, China, Czechoslovakia, Korea, and Israel. Angelo Muscarella, COORD3 CEO and majority owner said, “This is an important milestone for COORD3. We have successfully developed the company forward in terms of sales growth and new product development since acquiring the business in 2010. The COORD3 brand is now reborn. We have steadily advanced our global position as one of the major suppliers of high-technology metrology equipment.

This has been achieved through our very talented and hard working employees; new CMM designs and an expanded global distribution network that has brought our CMM product range to new markets. Our UNIVERSAL CMM launched last year with the world’s first wireless thermal compensation system and new subsidiaries in the USA and India are examples of the new COORD3 progress. We are very optimistic about COORD3’s future. We are one of the few CMM manufacturers supplying advanced alloy CMM structures giving us the ability to keep our manufacturing costs very close to those of China. If you combine our cost-effective CMM bridge and horizontal arm design technology with the world’s avowed best gantry CMM design, and the fact that we continue to be a major CMM structure source for other CMM manufacturers like Zeiss, Erowa and Nikon…we have a solid proven business strategy…and it’s working”

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COORD3, from company inception, took its name from the 3 Coordinate Measuring Machine it was founded to serve. Founded in 1973 by the Berri family, COORD3 originally designed and built a cantilever style CMM machine addressing regional needs of the fixture, tooling, molds, and sheet-metal part suppliers, especially to the automotive industry-dominant area around Turin in proximity of COORD3. During the ‘70s and ‘80s more than 400 cantilever CMM machines were installed. Towards the end of the 1980s the COORD3 range of machines was expanded to include bridge, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs. The COORD3 gantry design was quickly recognized as an international benchmark.

In 1999, COORD3 became a part of an International Group of Companies which provided them with the additional resources to globalize further its products and market presence. 2004 marked the year that Carl Zeiss announced a cooperation whereby COORD3 would supply Zeiss with its large volume CMM platforms for integration with Zeiss probing, controller and software. The collaboration continues to this day.

In 2007 COORD3 was sold to the Metris Group of Belgium (now Nikon Metrology) as Metris began the development its global position as one of the major suppliers of metrology equipment including CMMs. As part of a Group refocus, Metris decided to spin-off its Italian operations in 2009 and Angelo Muscarella, former CEO of COORD3 and sales director of Metris in Italy, purchased the company.

The two-day 40th Anniversary event included a special presentation by CEO Angelo Muscarella to long-serving factory employees, CMM demonstrations and discussions with customers and representatives. A celebration dinner for 150 held inside the factory, right on the factory floor.

COORD3 Industries, based in Torino Italy, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified CMM manufacturer with operations in the USA, China and India. COORD3 offers everything from an entry-level bridge-type CMMs, to sophisticated large gantry CMM designs that are ideal for aerospace and wind energy applications. The COORD3 CMM mechanical designs are a benchmark for best-in-class dynamics and metrology performance, as evidenced by the fact that other leading CMM manufacturers incorporate COORD3 structures into their own range.

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