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Kubota celebrates key anniversary

Kubota has celebrated a key anniversary

Engine and compact machine specialist Kubota Corporation recently celebrated its 130th anniversary. The company started its operations in 1890, manufacturing Japan's first iron pipelines for waterworks.

The firm’s founder, Gonshiro Kubota, laid the foundations of a company that is now one of the major players in the industry. Starting off as a foundry, Kubota soon became an important player in the construction equipment sector.

Over time, the company expanded its business along with its range of services and products. In 1922 it started producing kerosene-driven engines for agro-industrial use. In 1974, Kubota introduced its own compact mini excavator, becoming a leader in the field. By 1998, Kubota had extended its agricultural machinery business further as part of its internationalisation strategy and had also established a manufacturing and sales operation in China.

Yuichi Kitao, president and representative director of Kubota Corporation recently highlighted the core values of the company as a tribute to its founder: “On the occasion of our 130th anniversary, it would be amiss of us to not remind ourselves of our founding principles and that ‘there will be no growth without innovation’ “.

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Kubota Corporation Hirakata Plant

Nakamiya-Ohike, Hirakata, Osaka



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