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Clean, quiet and safe operational environment for Tennessee Foundry

The solution from MAGALDI`s customized Superbelt® conveyor for Magotteaux

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Magotteaux, as captive steel foundry in Pulasky (TN), designs and casts wear-resistant parts for ball and vertical mills, crushers, kilns, preheaters and coolers.

The foundry is part of the much larger group, that is present in more than 150 countries and is the world leader in process optimization solutions for abrasive and impact applications in mining, cement, aggregates, quarrying and power stations.
Innovation and technology have been a focal point of their culture and one of the essential elements that sustain the company strategy.

Magotteaux operates safely to protect the employees, safeguard the communities adjacent to the facilities and preserve the environment. For more information


Magotteaux has had many problems keeping their fairly new no-bake mold vibratory conveyor up and running. They are constantly replacing parts and dealing with excessive noise, silica containment and wear.  They needed a better solution and Magaldi.found a solution.


Magaldi custom-designed a Superbelt® conveyor for Magotteaux that provided a more reliable and much cleaner, quieter, and safer operational environment for their team members.

This means in fact:

  1. Required 1/5th of the connected horsepower of their current solution
  2. Virtually emits no silica dust once the molds are on the belt
  3. Has a very long-life deck due to very little friction and Hardox plates.

Edgar Castaneda (Maintenance & Engineering Manager) raves:

Reviewing all the alternatives, we were convinced: “After years of trying to keep together a relatively new vibratory conveyor and dealing with the dust and noise it caused, we are excited to finally install the new Magaldi. I’ve seen these operate very well at other facilities and we can’t wait to reap the sound, silica and operational benefits that others have seen.” 


The Magaldi Superbelt®  has been shop tested and approved at the Magaldi factory and is in transit to be installed over Thanksgiving.


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