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Magaldi technology for casting transportation in an Italian foundry

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An Italian foundry located in Ferriere confirmed its trust on Magaldi technology ordering the third Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, thus carrying on its “environmental  programme” which aims at the elimination of all existing vibrating conveyors.

The Magaldi Superbelt® - installed after the Didion drum – has been specifically designed to be “armoured” and to allow the safe operation of a huge manipulator for sprue removal and casting sorting activities. The manipulator operates directly onto the belt and it is equipped with a 20t- pliers pressure.

The absence of noise and vibrations make the operation of sprue removal easier and safer, improving the operators working conditions.

The Magaldi Superbelt® type HPD is 1400 mm wide with a thickness 10+10 mm in the overlapping zone; it has a reinforced mesh wire and steel manganese ≥400HB pans. The carrying idlers, half parted and with a 40 mm diameter shaft, are rubber coated (159 mm) and placed at a close pitch of 175mm to withstand the impact of the manipulator.


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