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Manufacturer of Dosing Furnaces Obtains an Interim Measure Against Competitor

13. December 2011, Hocheim am Main. In the standpoint of ZDF Foundry4 GmbH regarding the dispute with Striko Westofen Group, the Köln District Court confirmed:  ZPF Foundry4 has obtained an interim measure (Az.: 33 0 750/11), which prohibits the competitor from distributing press releases containing false statements about the manufactured Foundry4 ThermDos Dosing Furnaces. Unlike the claim made from a Striko Westofen press release, ZPF Foundry4 GmbH continued production and distribution of dosing furnaces of the entire series of ThermDos without limitations. As soon as the ruling of the Köln District Court is absolute, ZPF Foundry4 will further examine possible legal steps in this matter.

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