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MorganMMS Introduces Z2 Syncarb Crucible

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Achieving high marks for energy efficiency and high temperature applications

Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MorganMMS) has been receiving excellent feedback from customers for its Z2 Syncarb crucible, specifically designed to offer significant benefits in energy efficiency, higher thermal conductivity and other performance advantages critical to the melting process.

"We’re very excited about the dramatic improvements customers have experienced in their average crucible life using Z2 Syncarb crucibles versus the products they replaced,” said MorganMMS vice president of sales and marketing, Mark Lamoureaux.  “For some foundry applications, the Z2 has exhibited two to four times the service life compared to other brands previously used. We expect the Z2 to have a major long-term impact on our customers’ operations.”

The Z2 Syncarb is a high pressure, isostatically pressed clay-graphite crucible that achieves optimal life when melting copper and copper alloys and in induction furnace applications. At the same time, several applications have demonstrated that the new Z2 Syncarb also performs exceptionally well in zinc distillation operations, where a common mode of crucible failure is corrosive attack from the Zn vapors.

Materials Advantages
Z2 Syncarb crucibles use a proprietary processing technology that results in a product with a very homogenous and high density structure. The clay-bonded Z2 Syncarb crucible provides excellent chemical resistance against fluxes and excellent thermal conductivity. The inherent high mechanical strength allows the production of much larger crucibles. Other properties include outstanding oxidation resistance, high refractoriness and good thermal shock resistance.

The premium quality Z2 Syncarb offers a number of benefits to foundry operations including:

  • Metal casting temperature between 1000°C and 1400°C (1832°F and 2552°F
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance
  • Very good resistance to chemical attack
  • High mechanical strength and good erosion resistance
  • High mechanical strength and good erosion resistance

The Z2 is available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit most end user requirements. Certain sizes can be made available with pyrometer pocket to facilitate measurement of metal temperature. A wide range of pouring lips is available. They are manufactured from premium grade raw materials under a ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.