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MorganMMS Takes Major Steps to Achieve Higher Quality and Strengthen Customer Support

Latest commitment is Asia, with a focus on Indian marketplace


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WALLINGFORD, CT, Sept. 12, 2012 – Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MMMS), the recognized world leader in the design and manufacturer of crucibles for non-ferrous metals, has appointed Dr. Aniruddha (Andy) Karve its Vice President of Global Operations. The India-based Dr. Karve will utilize his extensive manufacturing, engineering and operations experience to provide direction for the company’s major commitment to India and Asia. His direct focus is on improving product quality, production and delivery and generating improvements in customer service.
Dr. Karve expects that immediate results will be felt by customers.

With a dedicated strategy that supports the MorganMMS mission and vision, Karve’s role is to design and implement more efficient and standardized operating processes in both manufacturing and customer service areas. The objective is to improve ways to better meet specific customer needs with a goal of complete customer satisfaction. Although Karve’s initial focus is on the MMMS manufacturing facilities in India, he is responsible for implementing these improvements in all other MMMS plants located in Brazil, Germany and China.

Karve will be driving improvements in productivity and performance, which will have a major impact on the entire product line. With MorganMMS heavily involved in Lean methodologies, Karve’s team will be initiating a wide variety of enhanced manufacturing and processing activities. Included will be Kaizen events, as well as a focus on other LEAN and 6 Sigma initiatives, all with a specific objective to increase quality, drive product performance, improve on-time delivery and reduce lead times.

“My charge is to ensure that MorganMMS continues its drive towards innovation in operational excellence and continuous improvement activities,” says Dr. Karve. “We are committing our entire

MMMS team to delivering best in class quality and value of Indian-manufactured products to our customers.”
New customer service office
Dr. Karve will be operating out of a newly established office located in Delhi, India. The office was created to better enable MorganMMS to dedicate its efforts toward both enhancing relationships with its customers and focusing on key logistical elements such as reducing lead times, ensuring on-time and efficient delivery, and improving response times to customer requests and inquiries

Karve brings an impressive employment record with him to the new position. With a Ph.D. in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, USA and a
B.Engr., Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune, India, he has enjoyed highly successful stints in engineering, quality, product development, and plant and operations management in recognized companies like Nemak and the Ford Motor Company. 

“Committing to a new customer service office and having Andy and his team working closely with our Indian and Asian customers confirms just how important this marketplace is to MorganMMS and its future,” says Pete Viens, MMMS General Manager. “Working with our inter-company cross functional team together with our advanced technology team, Andy has a tremendous opportunity to continue the MMMS drive towards improved quality, on-time delivery and company-customer relationships.”