New Bolivian Mining Deposit Ready to Start Production

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Mining deposit Thuthu in Nor Chichas province of Potosi department, is ready to start productions, reported today the Bolivian mining Corporation (Comibol).

The mine is ready, we must now enter the production phase. This is the first mining site to be exploited after the promulgation of the new Mining and Metallurgy Law, highlighted Comibol technical manager Roberto Alfaro.

Comibol carried out exploration and exploration studies in October 2013, culminating in December 2016, in which four veins with zinc, silver and lead concentrates were found to guarantee commercial exploitation of the deposit.

This project is of great importance and will be the first that Comibol will starts with the prospecting, exploration and exploitation, emphasized Alfaro.

Likewise, he said that the new deposit will contribute with zinc concentrates for the new foundry plants that will be implemented in the departments of Oruro and Potosí.

Comibol also announced that commercial exploitation of two new fields will begin, such as the La Cruz Project to produce gold and the Concordia reserve, in La Paz, to extract tin.

Source: Prensa Latina