Numerical Simulation

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Numerical simulation of Distortion and residual stress in castings

Within the scope of a research-project distortion and residual stress analysis with MAGMAstress and ANSYS Workbench is performed at the Austrian foundry research institute.


  • Numerical simulation of the entire casting process
  • Prediction of critical regions in the casting
  • Prediction of critical regions in the die
  • Reduction of  scrap
  • Optimisation of the casting process and cost reduction

Durability optimisation of casting dies

In co-operation with the materials center leoben (mcl) and industrial partners the Austrian foundry research institute works on a project aiming at durability optimisation of dies by numerical simulation.


  • Prediction of critical areas in permanent dies
  • Prediction of die damaging
  • Prediction of die durability
  • Increase in die durabilitiy through process optimisation