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The Italian company O.M.LER srl designs, manufactures and sells worldwide the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries in two different models to offer the best decoring solution for every kind of casting.

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The hammers’ models are RVC70 and AF1470: they are used to remove the sand cores from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings, such as cylinder heads and engine blocks, etc. They can be also used in investment casting foundries to break or remove the investment casting ceramic shells.

To decore a foundry casting the pneumatic decoring hammers need a decoring unit. Decoring units like decoring benches is what O.M.LER srl in cooperation with its sister company O.M.LER 2000 can offer! The company designers design every decoring bench in accordance to every customer’s needs. 

O.M.LER decoring benches are designed for hammers to be fitted and fixed to the structure and to work in both vertical and horizontal position. The hammers working position is defined before building the decoring bench and it can’t be changed in the future in the same bench. 

Every decoring bench is designed to work with 1 up to 4 hammers and it allows the castings to be either manually or automatically loaded and unloaded. By using a robotic arm, the castings are automatically placed in the same position in a pre-set jig.

O.M.LER decoring unit is mounted into a certified soundproof cabin which can be designed to include a hopper to collect the spent sand or a conveyor belt to remove the sand from the cabinet.

Please contact the O.M.LER team for further information and for technical advice. Sure you will find your ad hoc decoring solution!



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