Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery - Robotic Sand Milling

Sand Mould Production at 25% of the Cost of Printing, and twice as fast with lower capital investment.

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Benefits over traditional moulding methods
The RSM package shares a lot of the same benefits as other patternless moulding methods when compared to traditional pattern-based moulding:

  • More flexibility/less limitations with geometry 
  • No requirement for tapered sides 
  • Can easily mill undercuts
  • Can quickly adapt to design changes
  • CAD/CAM based programming means modifications to mould design can be implemented immediately
  • Moulds can be easily customized/switched for different variations

Benefits over printed sand moulds
The RSM package also have a number of benefits that can make it a more cost effective/efficient process when compared to other patternless moulding systems such as printing: 

  • Works with any type of resin or sand system 
  • Milling cutters happy to work with silica, chromite, zircon, Olivine etc 
  • Customers can use their existing mixer and mounding arrangements to produce blank moulds 
  • On average a milled sand mould will cost ¼ that of a printed mould 
  • Approximately twice as fast for large moulds (geometry dependant, assuming 5 hours milling for a 2m x 2m x 1m mould and a printer working at 400 L/Hr) 
  • The cost of an RSM cell is less than half the projected price of the upcoming 3DSP Sand printer (Tinker Omega Sinto), which is already drastically less than other printers in the marketplace.

Additional benefits of RSM System

  • Moulds can be re-machined/milled multiple times
  • To save time and material you can have a basic shape mounded into the block and finish off the mound in less time
  • Fully automated operation 
  • Once the mould is located in the cell, the system can run automatically from start to finish 
  • Setup and let it run overnight, come into work in the morning to a finished mould

Two main sizes available
RSM-22, which can mill a 2m x 2m x 1m mould
RSM-42, which can mill a 4m x 2m x 1m mould

The extra reach of the RSM-04 cell is gained from a 7th axis horizontal gantry. Because of this, even larger mould sizes would be possible without a lot of additional cost. The only downside to the added capacity is the larger footprint required for the cell, and the physical handling of the larger moulds. Likewise, smaller mould sizes/cells are also possible, but the cost does NOT scale down easily. Most of the cost of the cell is in the Robot, Controls and safety, all of which don’t change much in cost as the cell gets smaller. The only real reason to look at making a smaller package would be to fit into a limited space. The larger robots/packages can mill out small moulds just fine, there is no loss in accuracy for getting larger.


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