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Powerit Solutions and Inductotherm integrating technologies

Two Leaders in the Metals Industry Dive Deeper into Energy Management Work

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<link http:>Powerit Solutions, an international cleantech company that plugs businesses into the smart grid, and <link http:>Inductotherm Corp., the world leader in the melting of metals and materials industry, today announced a new agreement, which underscores the companies' dedication to improving the operations and energy efficiency of their customers in the metals industry.  The two businesses will work closely to take Powerit's Spara system, an advanced energy management technology, to the market.

Inductotherm will make Spara available to its customers and the two companies will work together to implement the best energy management strategies and integrate the Spara technology.

"We are impressed with Powerit's ability to manage energy for its many metals customers throughout North America and are excited to offer this to our customers to help them reduce their overall energy costs," says Satyen Prabhu, President & CEO of Inductotherm Corp.  "Spara is a proven tool for smart grid connectivity in our field, and we know our customers will be interested in further driving down their energy costs via Powerit's peak demand control, automated demand response and dynamic pricing features."

"On our side, we are delighted to be working with the world leader in a field that we know very well," comments Bob Zak, General Manager & President of Powerit Solutions North America.  "This agreement brings us further reach in a sector where we have really made a difference. Controlling energy costs is an increasingly important competitive measure for this industry."

The Technology

Powerit's Spara technology, an integrated hardware and software product, plugs businesses into the smart grid so that facilities can use energy more efficiently and take advantage of utility incentive programs and rate structures.  For foundries, the most widely used Spara-enabled strategy is demand control, which involves deciphering how and where costly energy spikes occur, then making precisely timed load reductions to avoid those spikes to take advantage of lower-rate periods.

Spara safely synchronizes demand reductions through a carefully selected collection of loads to achieve the desired kW reduction while maintaining the needed production volume. In foundries, this is usually accomplished by interfacing with large furnaces. Other equipment such as dust and fume collectors, air compressors and A/C units can also be controlled for savings.

The results can be dramatic.  At the Cannon-Muskegon foundry, in Muskegon, Michigan, for example, peak demand usage on loads including the six, production-critical Inductotherm furnaces was reduced by 26 percent, and the Spara installation's return on investment took just 10 months.  To see the complete case study from the Powerit website visit <link http:>


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