RCM Industries, Inc invests in new die casting machines and technology upgrades

Lesedauer: min

RCM Industries, Inc. headquartered in Franklin Park IL, has invested in three new die casting machines from BuhlerPrince, Inc. These fully automated state-of-the-art machines from 800 to 1600 tons include industry leading injection controls, Industry 4.0 connectivity, and energy saving power systems.

RCM is also upgrading several existing machines with Buhler DataView control systems which provide Industry 4.0 connectivity, machine diagnostics, and production monitoring.

These new investments will enable RCM Industries to increase OEE within the die casting process by maximizing up-time, decreased cycle-times, improved product quality, and standardization of equipment.
RCM Industries has partnered with BuhlerPrince, Inc in recent years to add several new machines and upgrades into RCM Industries‘ four production facilities.

“We see the continued investment by RCM Industries as a clear sign of their commitment to remain a leader in the die casting industry. Investments that increase effieciency, lower energy consuption, and increase quality are required to remain competitive in this global market“, commented Mark Los, President CEO BuhlerPrince.

Dan Twarog, President of RCM Industries, Inc. states ”RCM has strategically partnered with BuhlerPrince in order to communize our die cast machine platform across all four locations. The partnership has enabled RCM to obtain quality die casting machines to meet the increasing quality of every customer. RCM looks forward to continuing it’s investments in the key equipment and technologies which make it a leader in custom aluminum die casting in North America.”