Renewable energy developer juwi expands

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The juwi group of Germany is expanding in Germany and the USA – “one of the world’s largest growth markets for renewable energies.”
The developer of wind, solar and bioenergy projects says that for the first time, juwi will achieve a higher turnover abroad than in Germany in 2010 with the turnover expected to increase to about €800 million.

The expansion will create another 200-300 jobs, mostly in Germany, in addition to the 350 jobs added in 2009. “The regions in Germany remain an important market for us, one in which we still see a very bright future. The demand is great not just at home, but also worldwide. About 20% of the world’s energy demand is currently covered by renewable resources; so the potential is still enormous,” says juwi Executive Matthias Willenbacher.

Bioenergy, geothermal and hydropower on the rise
Although solar and wind energy remain juwi’s primary growth areas, the bioenergy field is also growing strongly.

juwi is also starting up its first projects in the fields of geothermal energy and hydropower.

USA important market

In addition to Germany, Italy and France, the USA has developed into one of the most important markets for juwi. The renewable energy developer is also further building its presence in Latin America (such as Costa Rica) and Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Poland), and has plans to enter new markets (for example South Africa).

Juwi already has a number of major renewable energy projects in the pipeline or already realised in the USA, particularly in the solar sector.

For example, a free-field 2.2 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) installation built by juwi’s US subsidiary, juwi solar Inc, in Hackettstown, New Jersey, supplies the plant and headquarters of candy manufacturer Mars Snackfood with renewable solar electricity.

In the next two years juwi plans to bring wind and solar facilities totalling more than 1 GW onto the grid in the USA.