Reuse molten metal and save energy

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The Electromagnetic Flat Channel pump from Precimeter Group is ideal to transport molten metal for reuse.The reuse of molten metal saves the costs incurred by remelting. There is a fast return on investment since the savings from reusing the metal will add up quickly.

Modestly estimated, the system gives energy savings in 100 days of around € 40,000. This calculation is based on a melting cost of € 50 / tone, a metal surplus of 2 tones per cast and 4 castings a day. This estimate is viable for a typical slab or billet caster. Add the low maintenance costs and an estimated life expectancy of up to 10 years to this equation. The pump has no moving parts, and thus no mechanical wear.

The electromagnetic pumps for liquid metal are based on the principle of a linear motor. This type of electromagnetic pump results in almost laminar motion of the molten liquid in the pump tube. The pumps are custom made to fit the customer’s specific application.

Electromagnetic Flat Channel Pump from Precimeter

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