RGU Group and MDS Engineering Solutions are forming joint partnership for their foundry clients in India / ASEAN !

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We "love" foundry...

and you can feel and experience this when using our software solutions and consulting services. Regardless of company size, its requirements and objectives, our software solutions result from decades of hands-on experience in the foundry industry.

From practice to practice, that is our motto and the maxim of our actions. And because we do not focus on anything but "just" foundries in our solutions, our software solutions are foundry-resource planning systems (short: FRP systems).
Because after all, you do not have any company (enterprise), but a foundry.

About MDS:

Empowering businesses with strategically engineered solutions & plug-and-play networks

MDS is an emerging global engineering and business advisory company. We have helped numerous large, medium & small-sized businesses across the globe, navigate complex problems. Our Business verticals include Design & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Sourcing & Supply Chain, Virtual Reality and Business Consulting. We have carved a niche identity for ourselves in providing turnkey solutions for business management and engineering through incorporating innovative ideas, refining processes and reimagining the path towards sustainable growth.



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