Siempelkamp Foundry GmbH: Worry-Free Package for EUROPIPE

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Siemplekamp was called upon to replace a traverse of the large O-press in the EUROPIPE pipe manufacturing facility in Dunkirk which had accumulated cracks.

The existing truss is made of cast steel. With the new version to be produced by Siempelkamp, which consists of cast iron with nodular graphite, the realization of the required increase in power is assured by maintaining the external geometry and ground connection. A possible increase in weight of up to 12 tonnes (10%) is sufficient. By cross-checking and approval by the Salzgitter Mannesmann Research: The New Press GJS-Traverse provides a model identical to the previous weight of 121,000 kg, a power increase from the current 24,000 tonnes to 32,000 tonnes press force.

From the perspective of the EUROPIPE, the final goal was achieved 14 months after the initial agreement. Teamwork within the Siempeklamp group had paid off, in which ​​consistent performance and quality are the hallmarks of the service chain.