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Spanish scrap imports dropped by 17.6pct YoY in 2011

According to statistics, Spain imported 4.768 million tonnes of scraps in 2011, decreasing by 17.6% YoY, touching the 15 year low.

In 2011, France was the largest scrap exporter to Spain with 1.639 million tonnes, decreasing by 9.6% YoY; the UK was the second largest one with 1.109 million tonnes, falling by 20.3% YoY; the Netherlands was the third largest one with 364,000 tonnes, dropping by 10.6% YoY; Russia was the fourth largest one with 343,000 tonnes, declining by 30% YoY and Portugal was the fifth largest one with 280,000 tonnes, down by 24.3% YoY.

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