Ultraseal International brings sustainable innovation to CHINA DIECASTING 2021 exhibition.

At the 2021 CHINA DIECASTING Exhibition, Ultraseal International, the global leader in sealing porosity and leak paths in die cast components – was showcasing its world-class range of vacuum impregnation services and solutions, including its sealant recycling technology designed to minimise the use of chemicals and water.

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Taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre July 7-9, 2021, the exhibition was focused on sharing technology and best practice to drive future developments. Ultraseal International is demonstrating how its technology and expertise is driving cost, productivity and quality improvements into manufacturing operations worldwide.

With unrivalled process expertise and experience, Ultraseal’s comprehensive product range is designed to meet today’s critical die casting industry challenges. Among the technology showcased will be Ultraseal’s vacuum impregnation equipment including the pioneering closed loop sealant recycling system, which cuts down water treatment costs and the use of chemicals by up to 95%.

Steve Hubbard, Operations Director at Ultraseal Shanghai Limited, comments:“We know that manufacturers in China are looking for cost-effective ways to improve the quality of their die cast components. We also know that they’re faced with increasingly demanding sustainability targets, including the national standard for discharged water. Ultraseal International has researched and developed technology to answer these needs effectively.”

In addition to showcasing innovative sealants and technology, experts will were also explaining how Ultraseal’s service proposition can help improve the management of vacuum impregnation operations. This includes both outsourced service centres and the option of a fully managed service at customer locations, removing the need for capital investment while also ensuring consistent and reliable quality.

“Quality and the environment are big issues for China’s die casting industry, and this exhibition was giving us a great opportunity to share best practice and give manufacturers a cost-effective and sustainable way forward,” Hubbard adds.

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