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US - Metalcaster Thresher Officially Releases New Product

Metalcaster Thresher Industries, Hanford, Calif., has released a new metal matrix composite material intended to exceed the performance of traditional aluminum in heat sink applications.

The company said the composite, ThermaLite HS, is manufactured using aluminum scrap from traditional billet machined alloy, such as aircraft grade 6061, and added ceramic particulate, allowing elevated heat transfer capability.

“We believe that application in electronic heat sinks and our ability to cast this material to a near-net-shape will offer a very real benefit for potential customers,” said Tom Flessner, President and CEO of Thresher. “We have successfully produced and processed this material in small batches. Further refinement will be done with our customer to meet their specific requirements prior to introduction.”

Thresher said it expects the new material to be beneficial in electrical devices that require the removal of heat. The company estimates the market for electronic heat sinks currently exceeds $1.5 billion in North America.

Thresher casts primarily metal matrix composites for the agriculture, aerospace, defense, transportation and automotive markets in the U.S. and Europe. The company announced in March it was working with one of its automotive customers on developing ThermaLite as part of an effort to refocus the company’s marketing strategy.

Source: metalcastingdesign.com

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