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USA - Aisin continues work to contain lubricant spill

The Kentucky Division of Water continues to work with Aisin Automotive Casting LLC in Laurel County to treat and dispose of a lubricant product that was accidentally released last Sunday morning from the plant into the Laurel River.

Approximately 1,000 gallons of a mold-release lubricant used in the manufacture of die-cast automotive products was released and entered the river stream. The Kentucky Environmental Response Team was immediately activated to respond to the emergency. The slow-moving 2,000-foot white plume is being treated through aeration and vacuuming.

The spill occurred approximately five miles upstream from the raw water intake of the Laurel County Water District No. 2 near Dorothea. The operators of the Laurel plant and of the Corbin Water Treatment Plant have been notified about the spill.

The lubricant is composed primarily of silicones and water. It is not considered a hazardous substance and is responsive to treatment with carbon filters. Samples of the contaminated water are undergoing laboratory analysis at the Division of Environmental Services in Frankfort.

No water consumption advisories have been issued.

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