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USA - Trentham's eyesore foundry a big fire hazard

THE former Trewhella Foundry in Trentham remains a public eyesore and potential fire hazard after promises by the site owner to clean up the building by November last year.
Trentham resident Harry Dickerson said people were concerned the foundry was a fire risk and the council had not responded to any queries about the matter. "Nothing has been done for the last three months at the foundry," Mr Dickerson said. With piles of car tyres, old petrol drums, metal pipes and refuse strewn across the ground, the foundry has the appearance of an industrial dumping ground. It was reported by The Advocate in October last year that the council had been in contact with the property owner requesting it be cleaned up by November 11.

Trentham CFA captain Brian Smith also said it was a concern there was no-one on site and, in the case of a fire, there was a risk of toxicity with issues of water running off into nearby streams. Shire communications officer Sue Moses said council was proceeding with a VCAT hearing to enforce a site clean-up. "An initial hearing on February 6 has allowed until February 23 for the appropriate arrangements to take place, or a further hearing date will be scheduled," Ms Moses said.

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