New Spirit in the Spanish Foundry Industry

We need to change the image of the foundry industry – An inventory, reorientation and an invocation by Marina Giacopinelli, FUNDIGEX

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When the Pandemic burst out, at the beginning of 2020, only a few people thought that this little virus would stay with us for so long and change the way we work, the way we interact and communicate and, in essence, the way we live.

In FUNDIGEX, as the Export Association we are, we are used to travel around the world, promoting the Spanish foundry sector in the most prestigious international trade shows and interacting with possible clients and different stakeholders within our industry.

As time passed, we saw how bit by bit, most of the services we have been offering our associates for the past 35 years, were cancelled. At a time when personal interaction and gatherings are impossible and mobility restriction prevents promotion at a face-to-face level, we’re left with the message that we project digitally.

Analysing the image given of our sector and how it’s perceived by different players in our society, it’s not difficult to realise that what they see is not what we are, and that has to be amended!

Let`s be aware – The Foundry industry is essential

It is vastly known within the industry that the image given by our sector is far from correct, being it mostly related to a dirty environment and a far from attractive workplace. However, it doesn’t correspond with the reality in the industry. Our sector has changed and progressed towards a highly technological, sustainable, innovative and absolutely essential industry!

Therefore, it is crucial that the technological developments and the immense possibilities of improvement are correctly communicated so that, on the one hand, the administrations recognize the importance of our sector for the progress of our society and, on the other, we manage to attract all that talent that we lose to other industries with a better image.

With all this in mind, we have taken it upon us to try to change that image and create a new relation between innovation, sustainability, intelligent manufacturing and the Spanish Metal Casting sector.

Creating conscience for the customer sector - Common sense for a greener industry

With the increasing requirements within international environmental standards, the companies have invested strongly in order to adapt.

Hence, we need to create conscience among our international clients to verify that the casting they purchase and use meet all these standards so that we can build a sustainable society together. If we do not create this conscience, the foundries, especially in Europe, will suffer to be competitive compared to companies that don’t take a stand in initiatives such as the Green Deal or Sustainable Industry.

After all, it is in our common interest to preserve this planet and to create a greener industry that can co-exist with the new values and tendencies.

The ambitious goal in Spain is called: Excellence in the Foundry Industry

In FUNDIGEX we have made it our special task to make sure that our message about the commitment of the Spanish Foundry Sector reaches out. The foundries are more committed than ever and few other industries can boast such capacity of resilience.     

Spain has a long history working with metals, having traced the existence of foundries in the northern part of the country back to the XVII century. This has given us some time to excel and to create an industrial ecosystem around the foundry industry which enable us to give full services and cover all the stages in the process of a finished part.

This has also led to the setting up of companies that manufacture Equipment to the Foundry Industry and several specialised technology centres with international recognition which enables the foundries to push for constant improvement within the fields of smart manufacturing, digital transformation and sustainability, and adapt to the latest tendencies in the sector.

Spain is the fourth producer of casting parts in Europe and ranks as number one, when it comes to exports of Ferrous parts in the EU. This is what proves our Excellence and that is why Spanish companies are your most suitable supplier.

To get in contact with the most suitable companies according to your specific needs for castings our foundry equipment please drop us an email to forward to the right contact person.


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