WFO Strategic Plan 2021-2023

The WFO has been in existence for nearly 100 years and as such has seen a dramatic change in the industry both in the technology used and the geographic centers of production. As the industry has evolved so has the WFO, developing a specific goal of meeting the world's needs for information, both technical and commercial. The WFO works closely with its 30 member countries and their associations to meet the needs of both the association and its members - the people who work and are involved with the global castings industry, whether they are academics, suppliers, or foundries - the WFO goal is to meet their needs.


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An annual technical conference and a series of working groups along with bespoke market research, including a Global Foundry Report on the state of the industry in the member countries, is used to meet these requirements. In addition, the World Foundry Summit, created in 2018, is a bi-annual event designed to bring industry leaders together to debate and agree on future policy and strategies for the cast metals sector.

The WFO is managed by an international team of professionals based in the UK, Spain, and America and the strategies are set by the global board of executives who are senior business executives and academics representing 12 countries.

The President for 2020/2021, Mr Umur Denizci of Turkey, who replaced Mark Fenyes of Great Britain, in January will be supported by the Vice Presidents Carsten Kuhlgatz of Germany and Yanchun Lou of China.

This Strategic Plan, summarized in this Executive version, is the Third 3-year plan, designed to set out the goals and objectives for the organization and how it will work to achieve them. The strategy group recognises that the industry is a rapidly changing one and so the plan is restricted to ensure the balance and fast-changing pace is accommodated. This plan also recognizes the lasting effects that Covid 19 has had during 2020 and into 2021.



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