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Wind farms for Europe

Europe is looking to push forward the growth of its renewable energies with a huge project costing billions of euros. Nine countries, including Germany, are planning to interconnect their eco-power activities with a collaborative high-tension grid under the North Sea.

Thousands of kilometers of high-tech cables will be put in place to deliver the wind power from the North Sea to parts of the main continent. Experts are calling this a historic turning point for the European energy market, but the plans are still in the early phases. The plans represent one of the largest and most ambitious energy projects of its kind. According to the available information, the high-tension cables will unite wind parks in the North Sea off of the German and British coasts with hydro power plants in Norway, tidal power plants on the Belgian and Danish coastlines and wind and solar plants on the European continent.

This would give Europe the first international energy grid crossing several borders. This step is seen a a crucial one for the expansion of renewable energies in the fight against climate change.

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