YIZUMI Die Casting Technical Service Center: Providing solutions by integrating resources

There are currently over 8000 die-casting machines made by YIZUMI operating worldwide.

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“We Walk Alongside the World” has been YIZUMI’s corporate objective. To achieve this ambitious goal and establish a high reputation for products made in China, YIZUMI not only constantly expands investment in facility construction and scales up itself but also strengthens its soft power-technical capabilities. In 2021, YIZUMI established the Die Casting Technical Service Center (TSC), forming a technical team that covers pre-sales technical support, integrated solutions for die-casting cells, dies, die-casting process, and product debugging. In the future, the "TSC" will become a customer-facing window to bridge customer needs and product development. The only aim of our continuous improvement is to provide better products and services to our customers.

Improve pre-sales support

Minimize customers’ investment risk

The TSC is fulfilling a key function to help us implement our strategy. A technical team that is supporting our customers, and which is supporting our sales force. In recent years, YIZUMI has gradually transitioned from a machinery supplier to an overall solution provider, striving to become the most cost-effective solution provider in the industry.

The Technical Service Center consists of application technology department, engineering department, die casting Product & Process Application Center (PPAC), and project management department. The technical services provided by the team now cover pre-sales tech support, die-casting cells, overall solutions, molds, die-casting processes, and try-out. As contact window to customers, pre-sales support can allocate all resources of the center to meet customer needs, including technical communications, overall solution development and quotations, as well as plant planning, to reduce the risk of customer investment in R&D and improve customer satisfaction.

"We are a service-oriented enterprise that fulfills these needs," said Jian Jiang, Senior Manager of YIZUMI Die-casting Technical Service Center. “In the future, we are committed to providing our customers the stable equipment performance, and overall solutions with high OEE and ideal Takt Time to satisfy their requirements, improve their experience, and finally enhance the brand influence of YIZUMI.”

Accumulation of industry expertise

Supporting customer's production success

In recent years, YIZUMI has made great efforts to build and retain a high-performing team, focusing on attracting and cultivating top talents, and enhancing the strength of R&D innovation by connecting advanced European technologies.

In May of 2019, Stefan Fritsche, a European die-casting industry expert, joined YIZUMI as the CSO for Die Casting &Metal Forming, responsible for promoting the international operations and product development strategies and establishing the new Die Casting Technical Service Center.

In addition, YIZUMI attracted experts and technical talents in the fields of dies, processes, die casting machines, peripherals and automation from all over the world.

YIZUMI invests great amounts of resources and R&D funds into the Technical Service Center every year and works with both domestic and foreign professionals and partners on the research of cutting-edge applications in the industry.

In 2020, the structural casting trials (Daimler B-Pillar) which our PPAC team executed with support from international die-casting experts, allowed us to prove that YIZUMI can offer solutions in structural castings on top international standard.

Likewise, the ongoing Mg Thixomolding and aluminum Reocasting projects also follow this kind of cooperation model. Upon successful development of the technology and application, YIZUMI will introduce them to the customers, providing technical guidance and support in terms of product design, die design, and product try-out to support customer`s production success.

"In the process, both domestic and foreign industry experts and partners can share resources with the customers.” Jian Jiang stressed that it is YIZUMI`s goal to provide customers with cost-effective and the best quality service through the company’s professional capability.

Product & Process Application Center

To provide multiple services to customers

YIZUMI invested more than 10 million CNY in the Product & Process Application Center (PPAC), which started the operation in 2020. The Center connects high-quality customers worldwide with mold manufacturers for practical production testing and research, providing customers with a wide range of services and training.

In the first-phase planning and construction, the 3000T automatic die-casting cell includes the die casting machine and other peripheral equipment such as melting furnace, mold temperature controller, spot cooling unit, extraction and spraying robots. It also adopts the 3D-coordinate-measuring-machine, spectrometer, and X-ray equipment. The die-casting cell is also equipped with Yi MES (Intelligent Execution System) developed by YIZUMI, ensuring real-time monitoring of process parameters and production status.

“In the past, many new products and processes were tested with the die-casting machine running just dry cycles. This made it hard to reflect the real equipment operating condition,” said Jian Jiang. “With our PPAC, we now can validate the feasibility and reliability of technology and products before introducing them to customers. It improves customer satisfaction with the product.”

In addition, the platform of the PPAC provides YIZUMI with a learning opportunity about the die casting process. We strongly believe that only when we know the die casting process well are we also able to design great, international level die casting machines. Equipment, Automation, Die and Process go hand in hand to create a top-quality production which provides competitiveness to our customers.

The application center also provides services as a training base. In terms of customer training, the actual production carried out by the PPAC help customers begin their production faster.

Jian Jiang said: "In the future, we hope to turn the technical service center into a high-end die-casting technology platform that integrates user training, information exchange, and application development, bringing new services to the industry and leading the die-casting industry towards the age of intelligence.”




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