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22. Oktober 2012

US - Alcoa names 2012 top North American Scrap suppliers

Alcoa recognized the Top North American Scrap Suppliers for 2012. This marks the eighth consecutive year that Alcoa’s Scrap purchasing group has honored the best suppliers in terms of safety, quality, volume, breadth of supply to multiple locations and delivery performance.

Mr Gary S Doughty manager of orth American Scrap Materials said that “Working closely with suppliers and recognizing their efforts to deliver high quality scrap in a safe and reliable manner continues to be an important component of our overall plan to continue to grow the usage of scrap into our locations.”

Mr Doughty said that in 2012, we enhanced our program to provide feedback to our suppliers on how they are performing against our scorecard. We’ve had positive response from numerous suppliers regarding the quarterly feedback that this helps them to help us. We plan to continue with this initiative as we look to the future to meet our growing need for scrap across our North American facilities.

Alcoa’s leadership in scrap and recycling dates back to the late 1800s when Alcoa practically invented the concept of recycling aluminum. Since then the Company has been a leader in pioneering within the industry. In addition to being a leader in processing and utilizing traditional aluminum scrap, Alcoa recently became sole owner of Evermore Recycling, the leader in used beverage can recycling. Alcoa’s leadership will be enhanced as it fully collaborates across all of its global recycling efforts.

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in active use today. The 2012 North American Scrap Purchasing Top Ten Suppliers are:
1. American Iron and Metal LP [Montreal, Ontario, Canada]
2. Atlas Metal & Iron Corporation [Denver, CO]
3. Commercial Metals Company [Dallas, TX]
4. Jack Engle & Company [Los Angeles, CA]
5. Louis Padnos Iron and Metal Company [Holland, MI]
6. Omnisource & Omnisource SE Corporation [Fort Wayne, IN Lyman, SC]
7. Service Aluminum Corporation [Baltimore, MD]
8. Schupan & Sons Inc. [Kalamazoo, MI]
9. State Metal Industries [Camden, NJ]
10.United Scrap Metal Inc. [Cicero, IL]

Source - Alcoa

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