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27. August 2014

AU – USA / Voestalpine Offloads 2,200 Tons of Structural Steel for New Plant

It's being called another milestone for Voestalpine, the company that is building a $740 million iron ore procession plant along the La Quinta ship channel in Portland -- crews at the Port of Corpus Christi off-loaded some 2,200 tons of structural steel that will provide the main framing material for the plant.

Company executives and area dignitaries broke ground for the plant in April of this year, kicking off a construction phase of the project that is generating about 1,000 jobs. The local plant will be transforming iron ore into what they call iron briquettes, which become the fuel for plants like the Voestalpine plant in Austria, which turns out high-quality steel primarily for the auto and energy industry.

When the local plant opens in the early part of 2016, it will mean about 150 permanent high paying jobs. Economic experts say that can be multiplied by a factor of four because of all the related industries and companies that will be coming in to provide support for this new plant.

Source: kiiitv.com



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