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26. Januar 2015

USA - Prototype Casting Now Offers Various Kinds of Processes for Manufacturing Parts

An appropriate process is selected for customers based on design requirements. Rapid investment casting is used through the process of lost wax. This is suitable for making small parts like precision sand casting, permanent mold, rubber plaster mold, die casting and laser metal sintering. It helps the company in manufacturing production quantities. In case the size of the parts is bigger when compared to the casting process of lost wax investment, then a printed sand mold process is used. In addition to this, the company can also machine parts from stock.

The in-house tooling department is used for cutting hard tool from steel. Thereafter, the cavity is injected with molten metal under high pressure for filling small features and thin walls. The injected metal gets solidified quickly after which the die is opened for ejecting the casting.

Talking more about the company and zinc die casting, one of the representatives of Prototype Casting stated, "Tooling for die casting is designed to last for thousands of shots without degradation. Die casting is often a natural progression for RPM parts to move from prototyping and small volumes, to production and higher volumes. Our die casting service is offered through a strategic partnership with a local partner foundry."

About Prototype Casting
Prototype Casting helps to meet one's stringent project deadlines and when parts are needed while ramping-up to full production. To simulate one's die-cast parts before paying for the expensive, hard tooling, they are the best in the industry. Customers can also get parts fully machined from stock. In addition, care for the requirements of high quality castings in quantities from 1-2500 pieces per year. They also test for form, fit, and function and eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before production.

For more information, please visit: www.protcast.com

Contact Details:
Con 4696 Ironton Street
Denver, CO 80239
Phone: 303-574-0060

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Media Relations Contact
Prototype Casting, Inc.
Prototype Casting, Inc.
Telephone: 303-574-0060
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Web: http://www.protcast.com

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