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02. September 2019

CN - Yizumi new breakthrough! Die casting machine injection acceleration ≥ 50G

CN - Yizumi new breakthrough! Die casting machine injection acceleration ≥ 50G

With the upgrading of die-casting process and the increase of demands for automation and intelligent production,  Yizumi Die Casting Machine has also been continuously improving to meet the needs of the new round of upgrading of die-casting parts manufacturing. This year, Yizumi's die-casting machine realized a new breakthrough. The shot end's injection acceleration achieved ≥50G, and the closed-loop control accuracy of die-opening is further upgraded. The accuracy of each die opening position reached ≤3mm, and the repeatability of each die opening position ≤±1mm.

The injection acceleration is ≥50G, more suitable for the production of precision die castings
In die casting, the injection acceleration is an important part of the entire filling process. Combined with the characteristics of its own die-casting machine and the molding characteristics of the die-casting process, Yizumi achieves a new breakthrough in performance, and the injection acceleration of the injection system can be increased to ≥50G. Under this condition, it can create higher value for customers, such as facilitating product filling and molding, reducing cold insulation, and adapting to the production of precision die castings.

Mold-open position accuracy ≤ 3mm, improve automation production efficiency
Today, automated production has become the consensus of the die-casting industry, but it still faces various challenges in the process of advancement. Among them, how to make the robot accurately clamped every time, how to further improve the automatic production efficiency of die-casting, is not only an important demand of customers, but also the key improvement of Yizumi die-casting machine. In this regard, Yizumi upgraded the closed-loop mold-open control system, through the die-casting machine controller and the servo controller to communicate data interaction, using the fast response characteristics of the servo system, adding motion control algorithms to achieve precise control of the mold opening position. The small and medium-sized die-casting machine can open and close the mold at any position. The accuracy of each mold opening position is ≤3mm, and the repeating accuracy of each mold opening position is ≤±1mm.

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