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08. Juni 2009

Metallurgy and Litmash 2009

Metallurgy and Litmash 2009

More than 9.000 visitors visited the Metallurgy and Tube and Wire (and welding and cutting) in Litmash this year. On 3800 sqm the Metallurgy accommodated 254 exhibitors from 29 countries. The Tube and Wire (and welding and cutting) acommodated 214 exhibitors from also 29 countries on 4020 sqm.

Foundry-Planet.com visited the Litmash, represented by his CEO Thomas Fritsch.

Take a look inside our picture gallery from the Litmash 2009. 


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Metallurgy Litmash 2009

Ivan A.Dibrov  Russian Association of
Foundrymen President with
Thomas Fritsch Foundry Planet




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