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26. Januar 2016

FILL - low pressure caster b – smart solution for the modern foundry

Fill Machine Engineering presents a unique low-pressure casting machine at Euroguss. Stability, cost-effectiveness, quality, and simple handling are the hallmarks of this innovation."Fill Foundry World" was one of the...

05. Januar 2016

PEP SET ein effizientes und umweltfreundliches Bindersystem

Anton Gieniec, Business Line Manager No-Bake Europe (ASK Chemicals GmbH); Natascha Hurkes, Laborleiterin (ASK Chemicals GmbH); Peter Vietoris, Gebietsverkaufsleiter Deutschland Nord-West (ASK Chemicals GmbH); Harald Dieckhues,...

13. Dezember 2015

ASK Chemicals: EXACTCAST Technologie noch effizienter einsetzbar

ASK Chemicals ist es in den letzten Jahren gelungen die EXACTCAST Speisertechnologie deutlich zu verbessern. Jüngste Entwicklungen wie die EXACTCAST OPTIMA Speiser bieten den Gießereien wertvolle Vorteile für ihre Fertigung. Mit...

27. Oktober 2015

Industrie 4.0 bei Ortrander

Die Ortrander Eisengießerei in Deutschland ist einer der Vorreiter wenn es um das Thema Industrie 4.0 in der Gießerei geht. Zeitgleich wird dabei in Energieeffizienz und Prozessoptimierung investiert.Mithilfe der...

30. August 2015

Interview with Heinz Nelissen from Foseco/Vesuvius about binders, coatings, gatings-systems and meltingshop refractories in the metalcasting industry

Foseco is the Foundry Technologies Division of Vesuvius Group plc and is the global leader in products and solutions for improving foundry performance.The mission of Foseco is to partner with customers, focusing on improving...

19. August 2015

Interview with Sudhir Gurram and Darko Tesic from TCT-Tesic about used foundry-plants, repairing, modernizing and relocation in the metalcasting industry

From Sweden to Egypt, from Australia and USA to Germany. TCT-Tesic buy and we sell, dismantle, assemble, repair and upgrade used foundry plants and machinery - worldwide.Whether it is dismantling or re-installing of a complex...

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